Tuesday, 14 July 2015

The Moo Man

It's a documentary about a man. Who deals with moos. He's The Moo Man.

Stephen Hook runs Hook and Sons, a diary farm. He has a herd of cattle of around 70 head, and produces organic raw milk for sale. We see him as he goes about his days, and deals with a few issues that running a dairy farm entails.

This is mainly a 'slice of life' style film, with mostly just watching him go about his business. There is some talking to camera, but there's no real narrative being told, just what happens while being filmed. And so, although there is some little discussion about the cost effectiveness of dairy farms, for the most part we aren't being dictated to that this is a better way to be, we're just presented with it and let to think for ourselves. (And even these 'better conditions' look a little dodgy in some lights...)

A decent documentary that doesn't really have a point to press home, and that's uncommon.


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