Friday, 10 July 2015

Third Alias

Here we are, back with Season three. When we last left our heroine, two years had suddenly passed, because that's how we can skip over large chunks of story progression without all that boring stuff about what happens in between.

And one thing that happened in between was that Vaughn, the love of Sydney's life, got married to a women from the Defence Department. Completely unrelated, given the history of this series, I knew that someone would turn out to be a spy for the bad guys, and that it wouldn't be any of the previously established cast. I mention this now as mere happenstance and not because it is extremely bleeding obvious who it's going to turn out to be.

For the Bad Guys, we had the Alliance previously, and we now have The Covenant. (We would also get The Trust later in the season, but they are only in a few episodes.) And Arvin Sloane, the baddest guy of them all, is running the WHO... yep, that World Health Organisation, because he cut a deal. (Don't worry, this gets stupider next season.) They are all still after Rimbaldi, and it turns out the secret is about Sydney (of course) in that she has a half-sister, who holds the genetic information all about Rimbaldi, because of course that's how that works.

Revelation after stupid revelation. Ye gods, this season is rife with it. It's bad in all seasons, but they kick it up a notch here. And to finish off the season, we end on a super revelation about Sydney and her father and... that's the end of the season! We won't find out what's going on until next season (in which they've had a whole season break to work out what they want to do next).


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