Saturday, 11 July 2015

Terminated Gynysys

Okay, sure, why not, let's watch this... because people are and it's making money anyway, and there are already two sequels given the go ahead.

This movie starts well, we are in the future with the rebels under John Conner and they are defeating SkyNet, and then there is the time machine and sending Kyle Reece back... and sudden Doctor appearance by Matt Smith! Back in 1984, we remember how good the first movie is as it recreates the machines, and then they hurriedly have some action sequences and then rush through a short version of T2, and then the second half of the movie... and if you've seen the second trailer, you know what's coming because they completely ruined everything.

This is a good question about spoilers, would the second half have been more interesting had we not known? Maybe... but then I would be questioning (as I was doing anyway) the whole time travel component of it all (which gets really messy), and I'm still not invested in any of the characters, so it didn't matter to me too much.

Decent performances but nothing really stands out. And the set pieces are there for the action sequences... and there they are.

This might be considered by some to be a popcorn flick, but definitely not a worthy Terminator flick.


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