Thursday, 6 August 2015

Fifth Alias

Here we go, the last season (although I'm not sure when they knew it was the last season) so time to resolve every single plot thread. Like Rimbaldi, that's been going on for so long, we're going to get an amazing pay off, right? Right? ... anyone?

We start with the death of Vaughn, and then introduce some new characters, who are sometimes in the opening credits, sometimes not. We get a French female thief who was a previous contact of Vaughn with her own arc... and she gets killed off before the end of the season. We get random white guy agent to replace Vaughn, and he gets into a near love interest with the new girl who was working for an agency that claimed to be a part of the government but was really an enemy organisation... yep, they mirror'd Sydney's opening situation. These bad guys (with Fred before she was in Angel) are the main protagonists, before they join up with Sloane and he takes over. By basically killing off the other bad guys because who cares about them?

And then Vaughn turns up, actually alive! Wha? And then the next episode, we gather that the main characters knew this and arranged for him to be put somewhere safe, only they forgot to tell the audience any of this so carry on like there wasn't a scene or episode missing explaining that.

And finally at the end we bring back Sydney's mother, and macguffins and try to have a lot of action to pretend there's something going on and they aren't just hurriedly trying to wrap everything up.

Flash forward to years later, kids are around, and they are still secret agents, and end scene with them laughing...



evildicemonkey said...

It's been some time but I have watched all the seasons apart from 5, is it worth it to complete the set or is there nothing worth going back for?

Jamas Enright said...

If you've survived this long without seeing it, I can't say it's high demand viewing. You've probably forgotten who most of these people are.

On the other hand, if it's easy enough, sure, finish it off. There's less episodes in this season (which means it probably got cancelled halfway through).