Friday, 21 August 2015

Hitsmans 47

I saw the first Hitman movie... so long ago I can't remember what happens in it... which is good as it has nothing to do with this one!

Due to some complicated quickly explained backstory, the search is on for the man who creates Agents. And to do that, they need to track down this young woman... (go on, guess at the connection, you won't be the least surprised). John Smith from the Syndicate and 47 from... whatever shadowy agency he's from... are both after the woman, and through her to the man responsible for creating super soldiers. There are secrets to uncover, and disguises worn and... who is this movie about again?

First out, I like this movie. It's decent enough, and while not brilliant by any means, it isn't terrible. But the plot is a mess. For a while the main star is the woman. Then the Hitman is in it. Then it's a different pair of characters... just what is going on here? And the motivations are just all over the place too. Why go to these places around the world? Because there are nice set pieces to set there, that'll do.

Plot aside, as I said, the movie is decent enough. I don't know how it completely stacks up against the game, but considering the game usually consists of "work your way through this level and kill someone", that's not the easiest thing to spin a complicated story around.


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