Thursday, 20 August 2015

The Martian

A friend recommended this to me, so I did know about it before I heard it was a movie. But still didn't get around to listening to it until now.

Mark is trapped on Mars, and has to survive. Fortunately, he does have a habitat to hang out in, and just so happens to have nearly the best combination of skill sets needed to survive, as well as the type of personality to want to carry on and not give up. With all that, he must overcome a number of puzzles to get food and water, and eventually try to find a way back home.

I did enjoy this book, but people have said "this is like that one bit in Apollo 13 where they do the air filters" and it is. I'm not sure exactly how they will portray this in the movie. While there are some action pieces, there is also tons of Mark just sitting around working out the numbers. There's a lot of detail, and I'm sure the book is probably right, but even I was glazing my eyes a bit as it went on.

Definitely a good listen, and we'll have to see what Hollywood does to it.


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evildicemonkey said...

If you've any interest, you can hear an interview with the author on the topic of evil