Tuesday, 25 August 2015

I'm Not Harry Jenson

No I'm not, I tells ye. But I did see the movie which also states I'm Not Harry Jenson.

Stanley is a murder author, usually writing crime novels, and is working on a book about serial killer Harry Jenson. But it's getting too much, so his agent sends him on a trek in the bush with a group of others to clear his head. However, there's a murder, and he's got blood on his shirt, and just what is going on? Will any of them make it out alive, and is Stanley really not Harry Jenson?

Hey, this is a New Zealand movie, filmed a lot down south (although one part of bush looks a lot like another, so could have been anywhere)! And it's quite good. From the description, I wanted to see this, and this is a good Film Society choice. Actor-wise, we have Ilona Rodgers! And Cameron Rhodes! And Ian Mune! And others!

Definitely a good film with a good level of suspenseful atmosphere.


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