Monday, 24 August 2015


Of course being a computer hacker means you are in great physical shape and go globe trotting around the world. That's what happens in real life? Right?

A plant in China is hacked, and then the New York Stock Exchange so China and the US get together a taskforce, which involves getting out of prison The Best Hacker Ever. Despite it being about hacking, this involves a lot of running around, and guns and stuff, because we need this to be action sequences. (There is in fact very little computer screen time. There are moments of people typing away at computers, but mostly it leads to exposition speeches.) (Oh, and hacking is this highly graphical process that involves flooding chips with particles of light.) Eventually the movie changes into a complete action flick, and it's all about who's the best physically, because hacking.

Okay, so when you are hacking things around the globe, it does make sense to go to those places, which fortunately lead to highly scenic areas and lots of action sequences to shoot. But nothing explains why the hacker is Thor. Still good performances from Wei Lang and Leehom Wang.

At over two hours, this feels too long, and next time how about a hacker movie that was actually about hacking?


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