Monday, 3 August 2015

Merchants of Doubt

This film was so popular it sold out and they put on more screenings! Which weren't as well known, so although it was in the Bergman theatre, there were still some seats empty for Merchants of Doubt.

By now, I think most skeptic people who seek out that sort of thing know that the big companies are full of it, and this is another documentary to back that. The tobacco industry did a lot to combat smoking kills and brought about flame retardant necessities which were not necessary at all. A lot of the climate denier is political and who cares about the science? We get the view of the skeptics, but also some rather unapologetic apologists who are trying to discredit everything with every breath and statement they make on camera.

One particular take is trying to compare the illusions of MoD with magic tricks, and get Jamy Ian Swiss involved for the magic side. I don't know if that was in the book, but it felt incredibly forced into the movie. I get the analogy, but it's weak.

I can't say this movie told me anything I didn't already know... but depressingly these movies are still needed to be produced.


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