Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Rouge Neightion

I can't do NZIFF films forever, so a short interruption for the latest Ission Mimpossible.

The IMF are declared rogue (like in the previous movies?) and have to go after an organisation led by some guy, and this involves them going all over the world and... actually, not really having big set pieces. If anything, this is a more low key action movie. While there are action sequences, they aren't really that thrilling or amazing or... worth watching, to be honest.

While we have our usual cast of dudes, there's a lot of screen time dedicated to agent Isla Faust, played by Rebecca Ferguson. The standard set up for her shots are have her look as slinky as possible... and maybe have some action, but if you can show off her legs, then that's the shot. (There's a really gratuitous part in the opera.)

Otherwise... I have to say this film is largely forgettable. There are bits I guess I can remember from the movie (I'm writing this up the next day), but I'm remembering scenes from the previous movies more. Not a good sign.


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