Sunday, 23 August 2015

Shark+Octopus vs Whale+Wolf

Seriously SyFy? Seriously? What, are you guys just throwing darts at a board of creatures now? Really? This pairing?

Sharkypus turns up and eats a few people, getting the interest of a local voodoo man. Meanwhile, a scientist injects a man with genes, and now he's part whale, part wolf. Then it's just a matter of the creatures turning up in various places, and battling each other, while the humans try to either keep out of the way or put an end to either or both of them.

What the...? Okay, first let's deal with the insanely cartoony mad scientist in this. She's over the top, with a cartoon sexy nurse, and just casually goes around injecting people with things. Which turns them in large CGI creatures. Because... science? And then Sharky and Whaley fight because... actually, there really is no reason for it. They say it's a dominance thing, but when you have a shark/octopus creature on land, and a whale/wolf that is happy on both land and see, there's only so far you can pretend anything.

I'm sure they'll make more, and it's not like they are making movies featuring lava flows that release spiders... oh come on!


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