Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Triple Sharking

First 2 heads, now 3 of them? I can see where this franchise is going... straight to the bottom of the ocean.

Because of pollution in the ocean, there are mutated sea creatures, including a three headed shark. Which proceeds to attack everything. And that's about all the set up these movies need. And because it's near the ocean, there's plenty of excuses for young woman to shake their young bodies, and flash breasts. After several attacks, they find a way to get the shark to fight itself, and everything's fine (ignoring the high body count).

Two points of interest here. One, Danny Trejo, whatever he does is worth watching. And he even uses a machete (I don't know if that was deliberate, but odds are that's likely). The other point is the shark. It's CGI all the way, and... it looks pretty good. Far more realistic than, say... the acting, although that's a low bar. I wonder if there are three headed plush shark dolls? If not, merchandising opportunity ahoy!

You get what you expect from this movie, and no-one expected a lot.


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