Monday, 10 August 2015


That's that skype horror movie you've heard about. The most terrifying thing? It's all on Macs!

A young man and women are skyping each other when their friends join in... and there's a mysterious other person also on the call (and neither of them accepted the group chat). Today's the day of the anniversary of Larua's death, and it seems someone has access to her accounts and is causing problems for the friends. One by one they have deep secrets exposed (which, to be honest, are the typical young person in college teen angst rubbish that no-one will really care about after a while), and then, they are logged off of life (yeeeaaahhhh!).

This works quite well. We see the movie through the computer screen of Bailey, and we see her skyping and the conversations she has over other channels such as facebook and instant messaging. (Although I didn't believe for a moment the actress on screen was also doing all that typing, that just doesn't work.) There's a nice atmosphere built up, and it doesn't try to explain anything, which makes the horror work better (because there's nothing explained for us to feel comfortable about). And the cast list is also kept small, as is the camera work (skype cams all round!).

Decent horror movie, although quite short run time.


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