Monday, 21 September 2015

Doctor Who 9.01

...I'm going with... what? This episode just took a long time to get anyway, and you expect me to believe for a moment that we are now here? No, Moffat, no. [Reminder, I hide away the bulk of the review from the front page, so click through to read it.]

We start with the Doctor saving Davros? What? But he must, because of the Web of Time and all that. Then later we find that no he didn't. But then he's back!

In-between all that is... complete filler, to be honest, of Missy playing with Clara, then a long drawn out sequence in a castle. It's not fun, just takes up time, and gets in the way of getting to the meat with the Doctor meeting Davros. But even then, it just goes on without really establishing a point. And the surprises? Nothing is surprising.

Missy is back, we knew that. The guy became a snake, yep saw that. The planet is Skaro, big whoop. Although I expect Moffat to at least address the issue of the Hand of Omega, especially if he is going to quote from that episode.

And then there's the acting... still not impressed by anyone, and is the actor playing Davros falling asleep? If so, then that at least was convincing.

Overall... ugh.

Next week: It goes on. And on.



evildicemonkey said...

I don't think we ever saw him save Davros, he was there and left, and the experience of being left alone in the middle of the field turned Davros away from compassion.

And the dead "companions"? I don't think they're dead, I think it's all a big fake out (again) using those time gauntlet things they used to get to the Doctor in the first place (You have no idea how many times I wrote time bandits just then). I also think it's part of another larger fake out in the idea of Jenna Coleman leaving, kill/resurrect her every week until no one cares and then actually kill her.

Overall, not impressed by it. I seem to recall Moffet saying recently "Why wait until the end to do the big epic, why not at the start?" I would have been happy with an un-epic episode that had some content.

Jamas Enright said...

For a while I thought he did save Davros, because he was aware of the web of time and had too... but then it turns out he didn't! What a, as they say, twist!

As for dead companions, I remember Bad Wolf and the death of Rose...