Sunday, 20 September 2015


It's a documentary from the same director as Koyaanisqatsi (and it definitely has the same feel), about humans and technology.

This movie has three components. One is people staring down the lens at us. Two is people in a gathering, interacting and reacting. Three is images of technology, usually in the form of large buildings. The main part, the people staring, is where the main interaction with the movie is. I'm guessing that this is supposed to form a connection with us, and it does seem rather intimate, but the setting of the person watching is important, and I wasn't exactly watching in a dark enclosed space with only this occupying my attention.

Which is somewhat part of the point, of me engaging with technology, and not fully engaging with the movie, but mostly watching it slack brained in a trance... which is how the director thinks of us facing off with technology anyways. Our emotions are on hold while we deal with the technological, and only occasionally do we actually interact with those around us, usually around a common experience (this is shown in the documentary with an audience watching... something, we never see what).

Still, I think Triska is clearly the star of the entire movie.


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