Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Ever Rest

One of the worst years on the mountain, captured in film.

Adventure Consultants was one of many groups in 1996 who went up Everest, and we follow their journey. We meet the climbers, and some of the other teams, and slowly we make the way up. (With a few hints as to what the Sherpas were up to.) Eventually we get there and it's a great moment. But then comes what we were expecting.

Do we have helicopters yet that can function in that thin an air? They got good shots of the mountain somehow... but I don't fully believe they got all the actors up there. (There are a few scenes when I thought 'that was probably done in a studio'.) But it's a well made production, and 3D might actually be worth it.

Decent performances, although I don't quite buy Jason Clarke's NZ accent. And they actually got Sherpas to play the Sherpas, nice!

Well done film, and glad I caught it at the theatre.


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