Thursday, 1 October 2015

Ghost Mine

It's the second book after Black Horizon, finally out. It's Ghost Mine.

Ben continues to want to be a part of Gemini Force, and this is the next set of adventures. In that they are very definitely separate adventures that happen to occur one after the other. The main event, and the one the book is named for, is a mine disaster in Africa and Gemini Force get involved even though they aren't entirely wanted, because of reasons that I won't give away.

The problem for me is this book is all about Ben, and a whiny 16 year old from a privileged background isn't that interesting a character to read about. (And yes, when he constantly goes on about how he wants to be part of GF, he is whiny.) This does feel like the ultimate build up is him becoming a part of the team, which is just an obvious track and so no real tension is there about that. Outside of that, it's amazing just how capable Ben manages to be, because of course the hero has to be for kids to be interested... oh wait, no, just makes it feel like he's too powerful.

There's a third book to come, and I'll check that out, but hopefully the characterisation of Ben can be brought into an acceptable range.


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