Sunday, 13 September 2015

Innir Daemons

Hey, it's a movie where the allegory is taken literally!

Know how people who using heroin sometimes refer to having a demon inside? What if, in this one case, there actually is a demon inside? That's the problem of Carson, an otherwise good (and Christian) student that suddenly turns goth and gets the drugs because of an evil inside her. But fortunately, there's an intervention tv program that's ready to take advantage of her for their next episode, and she agrees to go for withdrawal. Which, of course, unleashes the demon. But that's just a delusion, right? It's not like there really IS a demon and now people are going to get killed.

While the metaphor is obvious, so is the entire plot. Even down to predicting exactly when the jump scares will be. And the love story can be seen a mile off. Okay, I wasn't expecting that resolution to Carson's arc, but what happened afterwards was just another case of 'let's do what everyone expects'. Production side, the main item of note is that Michelle Trachtenberg did the costume design on this.

Just another horror movie that doesn't pack a real punch.


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