Saturday, 12 September 2015


Another set of Stallone movies I haven’t seen, this lot written by Stallone himself. And they are better than I’d thought.

Rocky is a bum fighter, fighting other bums. But he has slight aspirations of greatness and of hitting on a disinterested young woman until she caves into him. Meanwhile, a big name fighter, Apollo Creed, is too good, but needs someone to fight, so picks Rocky, because the name sounds good. And with those stakes set, the fight is on. After an inspiring montage, there’s the fight, and the freeze frame final shot.

Yeah, local guy does good is a basic story, and this is told well. Rocky is a likeable character, because we see him caring for others and staying upbeat in the face of anything that comes along. We’re definitely on his side when the battle is on, and the resolution isn’t caving in to usual expectations (Rocky comes back after a beating and wins no problem), so that’s a nice wrap up.

All in all, good movie, I liked it.


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evildicemonkey said...

How could he lose when he had a supervillain with a knife in his corner?