Monday, 7 September 2015

Lake Placonda vs Anacid

Everyone loved that snake movie and that crocodile movie, so let’s stick them together in the franchise cross over everyone’s been wanting!

Once again, someone is wanting crocodiles and is going illegal to get one, and then it escapes. Only this time, snakes are also involved! And so we get another entry in this series where we have crocodiles and snakes attacking people, and each other. And the CGI is never been better. Which, as it is absolutely terrible in these series, is saying that once again this whole thing has just been thrown out. And there’s something about immortality serum or youth serum or something to justify all this, but I was barely listening.

I’m sure there are a lot of repeat actors from earlier series, but since only the original Lake Placid movie was any good (this is connected to the Anaconda franchise by ‘that must be an anaconda from the jungle’) and since then I haven’t given any brain power over to remembering anything that happened in the later movies. I’m sure Yancy Butler is returning, not sure if Corin Nemec is or not. And there’s an excuse for young girls in bikinis.

They try to have some fun with this movie, but it’s just another movie that shouldn’t be bothered with… but no doubt there’ll be more.


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