Sunday, 6 September 2015


It's a sci-fi series from the makers of the Tunnel. And they tried to kickstarter it.

In an out of the way space outpost, a lone ship turns up that doesn't respond to calls. The crew seem to crazed on killing anyone, and once they are out of the way, the authorities find refugees on board. (Topical!) They are instructed to blow the ship up, and the refugees aren't allowed on the station. Things go well from there, and there's no trouble at all.

This is decent enough, although it's clearly taking a point on the social issue of displaced people in Australia. Oh, and it has shape shifters as well, which I gather are a problem on the increase over there. I do think the best teaser for the series is the opening credits, which should be available as a trailer. It sets up the universe, has some great effects, and a neat ending. Oh well.

One problem this has is Don't Watch The Trailer at the end of Episode 1. It gives so much away! For episode 3 and as well as episode 2! Just skip it!

You can pick it up, as I did, from their site.


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