Friday, 18 September 2015

Lie to Me Un

I've got the box set of Lie to Me lying around, and only recently gotten into watching it... yeah, I like it.

The set up is that Lightman, and others, can see people's microexpressions, which are common across all peoples. Such as expressions of anger, disgust, lying, etc., and so we get the 'case of the week' in which the heroes try to uncover the truth of some situation. Which usually relies on closing in on some part of an image, and then cutting to some world famous character showing the same expression.

As with any series, we get the set of characters and they have various backstories that come unveiled as the episodes demand, and ongoing arcs that slowly tear apart relationships, because drama, amiright? There are four of them (with another one joining by the end), and they get split up in different combinations as the episodes go on, but it's all about their connection with Lightman, rather than each other.

I'm definitely looking forward to getting into the next season.


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