Thursday, 17 September 2015

Batmun Unlimited Munster Mayhum

Was this a long episode of a cartoon, or just a movie thrown together? It has the feel of just throwing ideas into a pot without worry about cohesion.

Nearing Halloween, some inmates escape Arhkam (because there may as well be a revolving door on the place), and Solomon Grundy, Silver Banshe and Scarecrow team up to… join forces with Clayface, and all act under Joker. Because… why not? Joker takes the city hostage, and puts the others in positions of power, until Batman, Nightwing and Red Robin can save the day (and Batman’s motorcycle that turns into a metal wolf).

Really? That collection of criminals? Did someone just throw darts at a board? There’s no reason why those group of villains would come together, or agree to have Joker lead them, so the mayhem in the title is appropriate.

There really feels like little point to any of this, so I can only imagine it was put out because they didn’t have anything better to do.


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