Saturday, 5 September 2015

M R Robot

A series about a cyber hacker? Sure, I'll watch. And thing I loved was the episode titles all referred to different formats of video files. Nice, and they managed to pull off ten different ones.

We're with Elliot, a shut in who likes to hack people and then blackmail them to make them behave. He's got a nice job with a cyber protection company, and their main client is Evil Corp (as he refers to it), which killed off his father. So he ends up going fsociety, which is going to ruin Evil Corp and wipe all their data.

This was a good series. It had decent characters, and didn't paint them as heroes. I'm not entirely sure of the point of all of them, but I was still watching. Ravi Malik is a good actor, and Christian Slater is fun to watch as ever.

Then the big reveal happened... and the series went downhill. In the space of an episode. After that, I only watched because it was a short series and it was nearly over.

The last episode (which was delayed because of the reporter shootings... which then gave it time to slip in an audio reference to the Ashley Madison hack) has an odd feeling about it. It's trying to wrap things up, but leave it open enough for audience interpretation... but also feels too clever about trying to do it that it just fails.

I really can't say I'm going to leap on season two at the moment...


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