Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Radio Unlive

There's a recent advert for Radio Live that's been playing in front of YouTube videos, so I've seen it more than enough times. Go check it out!

The ad itself isn't that bad. It's pointing out that debate is a good thing, and there should be more of it, and Radio Live is a vehicle through which debate can happen. Fine.

But then someone says:

There'd be no debate on climate change.

And here's the problem. THERE IS NO DEBATE ON CLIMATE CHANGE, unless you are interested in manufacturing one where there is none to get people talking and filling air time until the next advert!

This isn't a sign of a healthy radio station, interested in keeping the vital art of debate alive. This is a sign of people looking for controversy where there is none in order to keep their paychecks.

Screw you, Radio Live.


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