Wednesday, 16 September 2015

SW8T 8nit 888

I went in knowing this wouldn't be a good movie, and I was not disappointed.

Two police guys, also SWAT officers, act 'outside the law' in taking a violent boyfriend down, and have to spend time guarding a party. At which a Dr Lansing is taken, and her daughter kidnapped. While they get Lansing back, one of them is killed, and the other wants revenge. Then the other SWAT team gets involved, and eventually there's a shoot out, and people are killed, and there's a twist... which was at least a good attempt at one, but one that was given away early.

Is it a good sign when the headline actor is playing the bad guy? 'Cos that's Tom Sizemore. And Mischa Barton is the FBI agent in charge, but she spends the entire time in a single office like set. I say 'office like', because none of the sets feel that real, and more seem like 'here is a place we can use, so I'll set a scene there'. The director, who is also playing the hero (but note that he didn't write this), loves to shoot in the slow/fast editing style, which doesn't work in big budget movies and certainly doesn't work here.

Not even an enjoyable bad movie to watch.


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