Thursday, 22 October 2015

Back and Forth To the Future

[I left it until today because of America and Time Zones.]

This will be going around on the internet if you haven't see it already, but 21 Oct 2015 is the day of hoverboards, self tying shoe laces, and faxes. Hmm... I don't think we quite got there....

But hey, there's a lot of time travelling, so maybe we're just in the wrong one? There are, after all, around seven different timelines. As found on the School of Movies Back to the Future podcasts.

  • Twin Pines: Where we start, McFly family is unhappy, Biff's in charge.
  • Lone Pine: McFly successful, Biff is a lackey. However, Marty and Jennifer will get into an automobile accident, because Marty ain't chicken. In the future, Marty Jnr is in trouble.
  • Just Say No: As above, but Marty Jnr doesn't go to jail, the others do.
  • Almanac: Old Biff gives the almanac to Young Biff, and we get dystopia 1985.
  • Storm: Book is burned. Marty is still on for the wreck, but then lightning hits the Delorean.
  • Shonash: Doc ends up in the past, saves Clara, but dies, making later/earlier Doc to send Marty back.
  • Eastwood: Doc saves Clara, Marty saves Doc, Marty no longer having chicken issues, Marty and Jennifer are back in the present, and Doc and Clara have a time travelling train.

Easy, eh?

It's all fun, just don't try to work it out too hard...


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