Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Iye Oragans

This movie has a small reputation as rather offensive to... religious people? Atheists? Eh, I'm not entirely sure.

A scientician is trying to definitively prove the evolution of the eye, because that will disprove god... or something. It's not something anyone really argues about anymore, but this movie seems to think its important. Anywho, his girlfriend dies, but fortunately he immediately gets another one. And then they have a kid. And the kid has eyes that exactly matches someone else... and apparently the kid also has emotional memories of this other person. Then the scientist goes on a search for the new kid version of his old girlfriend... reincarnation is real, science is wrong and god is real? I guess? Meh, it wasn't totally clear.

So it's a big thing about how evolution is turned upside down or something, but something about this movie (probably because it's not that good a movie) failed to click with me, and I just accepted this movie as taking place in a universe where reincarnation happens. In which case, finding proof of that just makes the scientist look like an idiot for doubting it for so long. So at least something in this movie comes across as foolish!

Not a great movie, and definitely not one to keep me awake at night with theological ponderings.


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Meromo said...

Such a muddled movie! Kept being almost good, and then... wasn't.