Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Cruse of the Wytching Tree

Ah, a British horror movie. Clearly all things British are better, so this will be fantastic!

While her husband is in a coma, the wife decides to continue to buy a farm, and move her two children in. But, wouldn’t you know it, the farm was the site for where a witch killed nine (or ten, it gets a little confusing) children, and everyone is still around. After not much happening for 30 minutes, the scares finally start up, and seem fairly decent, but aren’t really sustained for the movie. At 1 hour 40, it could do with being trimmed down, and getting on with it.

My main complaint, and take into account I can’t act in the slightest, is that these actors just aren’t good. Not a single person is believable, but that’s helped by not being able to believe the direction either. The majority of this feels like an am-dram, so it’s hard to get even slightly invested.

Not a good movie, aside from a couple of scenes.


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