Monday, 12 October 2015

Doctor Who 9.04

Part 2, and we start with a starter on Bootstrap Paradox. Which tends to a) suggest Steven Moffat's heavy hand, because he loves it, and b) that this scene was added to help pad the episode out. And possibly c) the writer couldn't come up with a better idea?

As with last week, this felt like half an episode stretched out. I hope someone does a 'fan edit' to trim this down to a great 45 minute episode that it should have been. And the conceit of going back in time to change the past should have been saved for a better episode. Not to mention to cheat of the bootstrap paradox. Did we need that? Couldn't we have said that 'I was thinking of using a hologram all along' was the Doctor's idea, rather than this? It would suggest there's a bigger element in play (ignore the Minister of War hint) that I doubt will ever come up again.

The performances were decent, but the outside location suggested that 'we got this locale cheap so are going to use it'. At least it wasn't a quarry... although that would, again, have been better. And then there's the monster. Is it okay that I had to pause to have a giggle when I first saw it? The parallel with the Impossible Pit continues... and is that what the production team thought they were doing? Retelling that story? Is that why this is a two-parter?

Oh, and the Doctor didn't die. This is my surprised face...

Next Week: Aliens? Or historical? Make up yer mind!


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