Monday, 19 October 2015

Doctor Who 9.05

I don't have any interest in Game of Thrones, so that Maisie Williams is in this and she's famous in that doesn't mean anything to me. Much like the rest of episode.

Hey, it's Vikings! But because we can't have a Pure Historical any more, it's also aliens! And the armour (which fortunately means they don't need to CGI in heads all the time) looks like a cross between the Judoon and the Sontarans. Actually I would have been more impressed if that's what they were, but instead they are the Maya or some such (I haven't looked the spelling up). A powerful force... that is ten guys in armour and one guy in cod cyberpirate. Production values!

In many ways this feels like a filler episode. Small village, the Doctor has to fend off an alien invasion, he finally comes up with a plan. Same as every other episode. But then someone dies, which fails to surprise anyone because we saw the episode title. Fortunately, there was a miracle plot device right near by to save her, so that's lucky! And I immediately caught the 'it will always repair her' line and consequences... and I'm guessing the other device will probably be used to save the Doctor or Clara?

Still, I am interested in that one moment where they acknowledge taking the face of an actual person. Not done since Destiny of the Daleks. However, why this happens... smacks of a return of the Time Lord Victorious. Careful, Moffat, no-one wants that.

Next Time: I have no idea who that Maisie Williams looking person in the mask is. No idea at all. (Please don't make that be a surprise moment in the episode.)


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