Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Eyes Without a Face

It's old movie horror... yep, I'm in there. Let's check out Eyes Without a Face (got no human grace).

A doctor with mad talents loves to graft bits onto other bits. His dream comes true when his own daughter is hideously disfigured in a car crash (when he was driving), and needs a new face. Currently, she interacts with the world through a mask (and involves really over emphasised head gestures to make the point that she's acting!). However, the doctor's assistant helps by kidnapping young ladies and then he whips their faces off to put on the daughter. Surely nothing can go wrong, especially when the police get involved! (And while they seem competent, they just don't get enough evidence that anything bad is happening. Huh.)

This is considered classic horror... and yet, while I was watching it, I kept thinking of the MST3K episode 'The Brain That Wouldn't Die', which came out two years later. And feature a very similar plot, only done stupidly because it was an American knock off. This, not so much scary, and even the scarred face make up wasn't frightening. But then I'm jaded and cynical.

Oh well, let's go out with a song:


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