Saturday, 3 October 2015

Roocky IV

I’ve heard about this one, so I knew a little of what to expect. Then, about ten minutes in, I knew exactly what was going to happen.

Apollo gets on the pride train when the Russian Drago comes to town, and insists on fighting him. While I could see the general shape of that outcome, I was surprised by how far they went. So then Rocky has to stand up, and just like in the second one, we get him and Adrian talking about why does Rocky have to do this? And again, eventually, Adrian comes around. Cue montage and fight as this is the shortest Rocky movie so far.

This series has been willing to kill off characters, which makes a change from a lot of TV series. While this is ‘East meets West’, this feels a lot more personal, as the motivation has to do with how the individual characters feel, and isn’t driven by the needs of being a title holder or anything.

That all said, there was no way the movie was going to end any other way than the way it did. This is a bit of a change up, but still predictable.


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