Friday, 2 October 2015

Lie to Me Deux

Second season is usually the time when they start bedding down the characters and developing what the longer term arcs they want to...

And yet this entire season feels a lot like "case of the week", with hardly any character development at all. What there is (and there is a little) is like two episodes of the twenty-two we get this season. There are some really obvious movements because 'men and women have to get into relationships' because what else is television for? (You know what? One thing I didn't mention about Mind Games is that it had a gay character in it, and nothing big was done with it! Yeah, let's have more of that instead of usual heterosexual hookups.)

Anywho, it's still decent, but it is just more of a continuation of season one than mixing thing up or producing really solid episodes. Still, there's one more season to go, so we'll see...


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