Wednesday, 7 October 2015


There is a game I've been working on for a while. It's a nice cruisey game that I got for a reason, but that didn't end up happening. Either way, though, I played Submerged.

You are a girl who escaped with her younger brother, who is ill. You arrive at a city that's been largely consumed by water and plants. The aim of the game is to scour the city and buildings, and find supplies to aid your brother, but the city is slowly claiming a hold on you...

The mechanics are very straight forward. You move about, and she does all the jumping and such as needed. You just indicate the direction. She's quite the nimble wee thing really. And there's a boat to control, which can be sped up with collectible upgrades. What's also collectible is the story of the city, and your own story. You collect the city story, but you get your story as the missions go on. These stories are told with images and little four character blocks of text... which look to be simple replacement code for English, so I could decipher them if I cared enough (I don't).

The biggest annoyance is the severe need for a run button. And while you can never fall off, I would also love a way to dive off a building down to the water to get quickly back to the boat. Especially needed when backtracking to get all the items... which I did! I 100%d all of this! Woo!

The main reason I got the game was... I can't controller. I never got the knack. So a game where I can't die? Yep, sounds good... however, it also felt ackward, so I soon went back to keyboard. Oh well.

A peaceful game, not that challenging, just patience to go around the entire city and pakour the buildings.


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