Thursday, 8 October 2015

The Hoose of 1oo eyes

It's not a found footage film, it's... actually, it's a 'here is some footage' film, which is nearly as bad. At least it's shorter than most.

A pair of killers have set up tons of cameras in their house, and they make snuff films... and now they plan on doing a three-killing-snuff-movie-in-one-night! First problem, getting three people... then filming them having sex, because that's important? Then it starts falling apart as not everyone is interested, and the husband and wife killers are two different psychopaths, and soon everyone is dying, and...

As I said, at least it's short. Beyond that... it's not very good. And at least the sex is shot sot core style, I don't think you even see the woman's breasts. The effects are nothing amazing, but they are perfectly serviceable.

A very disposable movie that tries for shock, but doesn't produce anything of note.


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