Saturday, 14 November 2015

Friday the 4th

Yay, the final chapter! There will never be another Jason movie!

We get two groups of people. A mother with teen daughter and wee precocious child. And a group of teenagegs coming in for party and the sex and the alcohol. Jason, not being dead enough in the last movie, wakes up when the doctor and nurse nearly have sex near him, kills them, then returns to his stomping grounds and proceeds to kill everyone because they are there. Seriously, the basic premise of the movies aren't 'we are being irresponsible', it's 'you're on my territory biatch!'

And so this is just another 'slasher movie in which people are put together for some bad reason and then killed'. Sex is becoming slightly more involved to provoke Jason, but not really. And Jason seems to now have fully developed teleportation powers to get everywhere at once. Still, at least at the end, which does play on the origin story of Jason, so yay!, they don't stop with one slash of the machete but really go to town. And there's certainly no sign of any possible follow up movie, despite the creepy look on the kid's face.

It's not really a franchise, just a continual slashing which happens to be put together in different movies. Still, with this over, there'll never be another franchise with unkillable monster in it ever again...


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