Friday, 13 November 2015

Because Specter

Well, we now have a reason for everything that happens in the Bond universe. It's all Because Spectre! At least, that's what this movie would suddenly have us believe.

Bond is on the trail of a random someone, and ends up finding a huge conspiracy group. Which, it seems, is responsible for all the previous movies, and is connected to them in a way that is totally bullshit. Anyway, there are a few women involved, and lots of explosions, so that's Bond, right?

My main problem with this movie: tension. As in there is very little of it. Even in the middle of action scenes, it's like the music is only half-hearted and the pace isn't trying to pick it up, and just... meh, they are middling along.

And then there's Spectre itself, the organisation almost nearly irrelevant to be honest. This could easily have been another Big Villain behind it all, and there you are. (Tomorrow Never Dies comes to mind for some reason.)

It's all just blah. Not even Moriarty can save it.


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