Thursday, 12 November 2015

Paranarmal Activity Ghast Dimension

This is more of a direct sequel to the third film, with the kids having an impact in this movie. But once again we get another family in a house… how new.

As mentioned, family in a house, with young kid being slowly taken over by evil. Or Satan. Or some generic demon. It’s never made clear. In the mean time, the dad and brother find a camera that looks like it came from Fatal Frame, and other than being able to once see spooky things, otherwise doesn’t pay off in the slightest. Other cameras do pick up Evil Vision, so we can see what the family members can’t. A priest turns up, and tries to help, and eventually… the movie ends as all these do.

I will say the effects look a lot better. The evil reverse dripping is great, and the doorway is simply and nicely transitioned. There are actors in this too… and the effects are good.

Yeah, another movie, and I don’t see this franchise disappearing just yet.


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