Saturday, 2 January 2016

A Nightmare on 4th Street

Because Freddy was defeated in the last one, there’s no way he’s back, especially with people around who know how to defeat him.

Unless, you know, he comes back and then kills them without any problems. Leading to a new batch of people being around to be killed, although the girl of the previous movie passes her power on to someone else… which really means this movie is a repeat of the previous one. Except now they have the idea of a Dream Master that guards Dream Gates, and Freddy is one such Master. Which means that there conveniently is a new way to completely kill him for all time. Yeah, that’ll happen. (As far as I’ll give this movie, we can say that we’ve defeated Freddy is his aspect of Dream Master and that temporarily put him down until he can recuperate a bit.)

Anyway, as I said, this is largely a repeat, so again we get Freddy dreams and slowly killing off people in ironic ways that pay on their fears. We really have shifted from being about the impact of Fred on society and now it’s about how we can come up with weird ways to kill them using dream logic to excuse any old thing. And the ending is really perfunctory. Was anyone trying in this?

Nothing new here, and even the supposedly new bit is ‘blink and miss it’.


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