Sunday, 3 January 2016

Brawl in the Family

It's another one of those projects that I saw and just decided to back. Yep, it's another Kickstarter comic.

This is based on Nintendo characters, and is a series of strips featuring Kirby and Mario and Dedede and Peach and... a slew of others. I can't say that I recognised all the characters but I got a fair few of them. The strips looked amusing, so that's why I decided to go in for the project.

And this is three volumes of 200 strips each. Amidst the comics are occasional musical strips (where there's a song to go along with the strip) and some video and animated strips. They don't tend to come across in an PDF, but there's a handy QR code to link to the appropriate thing. Which... I never used. Partially because I couldn't be bothered getting my iPod out for the few strips, but mainly because I know that in a few years, these probably won't work and thus all we'll have are these strips and codes.

Nice, and most work for me, but not really for someone who isn't completely immersed in Nintendo.


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