Saturday, 9 January 2016

A Nightmare on 5th Street

No-one was not expecting Freddy to return, and here he is, back to messing with the girl from the last movie. That said, this feels more of a sequel to the 3rd than the 4th.

Alice is pregnant, so of course Freddy is using the baby to get back at her and trying to be reborn because... because, that's why. This leads to more teens getting killed, because why not? But this time, we are harking back to Amanda Kruger and bringing her in to fight Freddy. All via the baby Jacob, who turns up in the dreams as a ten(?) year old. The baby provides a new focus, but it doesn't get in the way of the usual retread of death by ironic dream. Really, Freddy, get a new trick.

With the movies pretty much being churned out at this point, it's no wonder the quality is beginning to suffer. Like current continual push to play on a franchise, the effort decreases as the number on the movie goes up. I can't remember anything particularly note worthy about this that isn't generic as any other Freddy movie, so...

Let's move on. Until they mix it up, this isn't getting better.


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