Sunday, 10 January 2016

The Vis It

M Night is back! Waaah! Everyone rejoice! Well... if this movie is any good.

A single mother is going away on a holiday, so her kids decide to visit her parents. They also document everything, so we're in that sort of movie already. However, the old people start acting weird and the kids freak out, and... we continue that for most of the movie, until the big twist, after which we... continue doing that.

The big twist? Old people are old! Okay, not really the twist, but it basically is, and is about as much explanation for anything going on as you're going to get.

Is this the return to form? I'm going for... no. It's not the disaster of some of his other movies, but there's nothing that interesting happening here. It is just "Old People Creep Out Kids" the movie. No big build up of slow revelation, just small things, then reveal then... that's about it. Once the twist is out, nothing much else happens that is that different from the first part. Just... blah.

Some decent performances from Deanna Dunagan and Peter McRobbie, and one of the kids isn't terrible. There's no effects to mention, and as ever these sorts of movie manage to be amazingly framed for amateur film making.

People may like this, but I'm not getting it.


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