Saturday, 23 January 2016

A Nightmare on 6th Street

It's the big promise of the movie of: Freddy's Dead! Yep, I'm sure.

There is only one kid left under Freddy's sway, and he is used as bait to bring other children in. We also get more backstory of Freddy, namely while he was tormented as a child, as an adult he managed to have a family of wife and daughter. And now the daughter is brought back to release Freddy onto the world. To beat him, they decide to bring Freddy into the real world... which they did in the first movie. Clearly it worked then, so clearly it worked here, and now Freddy is no more.

Robert Englund looks to be having lots of fun as Freddy. And cameo from Johnny Depp. Otherwise... there are other people, including Breckin Meyer.

Given this is the last child related to Elm Street, there could be a lot to do with the reaction of a town where the parents are going crazy due to a lack of children. We get just the hint of this, but otherwise it's all about Freddy having fun with stupid deaths. This series could be so much more.

And from here on, we're are doing very different things with Freddy.


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