Friday, 22 January 2016

Assignment 2

With the child restriction off, P J can go whole hog, and this is a very dark tale, pointed to as one of the few times where heroes (in general) could be considered to lose.

We start with Tully at the Railway station, trying to contact a ghost, and then Steel turns up and acts like a dick. In fact, Steel acts like a dick to Tully for most of the adventure, except when he needs something then he grudgingly is nice to add 'please' and Tully immediately gives in. Anyway, there are ghosts haunting the station, and we learn about a few of them, and the Darkness who is using them. And takes over Sapphire's face in some of the creepiest moments ever seen.

What's impressive about this one is that it's eight episodes long, there are basically only eight cast members, and only four of them are main actors, and yet... the story doesn't feel padded. It actually feels like it takes its time and tells the story right, and gives us brief glimpses into past rather stupid (by their own account) deaths. This is why stories sometimes should be given the space they need. If this was restricted to six episodes that might be possible (cut out some of the ghosts) but not four (that would be rushed and too much would get cut out).

That said, I can see why this wouldn't work for every story and you definitely need one that warrants the length. Like this one!


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