Tuesday, 5 January 2016

All ways watching

I can see why doing a movie appealed to the Marble Hornets guys. It gets their name out there a bit more, and actually makes them present a coherent story rather than the rambling mess of whatever their current series is doing. (Which seems to have changed to something else.)

A new news crew finds a story of a family gone missing, and slowly Milo (the cameraman) finds out that they have been stalked by a strange tall figure. That is now coming after him. He gets the other two involved, and they go on the run. They track down the missing family, but that doesn’t prove too helpful. All that’s left is to confront the Operator.

The Slender Man in this is far more aggressive, but it has to be to get a story going. And it’s played by Doug Jones, so if you are going for a tall weird man, he’s the one to go to. The other actors… no idea, but none of the Marble Hornets team are in main roles, so they are not that vain (good).

Ultimately, this is probably a ‘movie inspired by the web series’ than the movie version of the series, and it covers familiar ground by now as everyone else has done this sort of thing. Still, as Slender movies go, I prefer the one I backed.


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