Monday, 4 January 2016

Tower to the People

It’s a documentary about how great Tesla is, and his activity at Wardenclyffe. Which I helped to IndieGogo!

We follow the life of Tesla, mainly when he was grown up and inventing things. (And doing a lot better than either Edison or Marconi, the losers.) When he gets to Wardenclyffe, he begins the project to create wireless energy for everyone. But then J P Morgan isn’t interested in giving him even more money, and so the slow crash happens. Eventually Wardenclyffe is shut down, and the land goes to pot. Others take over, and it basically becomes a ruin. Then people get interested in resurrecting it, eventually leading to the bid to Making a Goddamn Tesla Museum (which I also helped to Indiegogo). We follow that progress, and the slow development of turning Wardenclyffe into a museum… which brings us nearly up to date. (The museum is more advanced now.)

So yeah, this is something I can say I have a hand in, and of course Tesla is the man (especially when compared to some others). We are getting a resurgence of recognition for him, and this documentary will help that, as will the actual museum. The progress of which I’m obviously following.

And if you are interested in this, definitely check this out. The explanation of how the wireless energy works has given me a few ideas...


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