Friday, 29 January 2016

Assignment 3

Yeah... of all the episodes, this is the lowest rated for me. There are some great moments, but overall it just fails.

We start with Sapphire and Steel using a lift! Exciting! They come to deal with a time capsule from the future, which is already mixing the formula of the series (such as it is) up. The capsule is under threat of a composite creature they used to move through time, and when S&S get inside, there's man of all time to met them. And Silver, because he turned up to help. S&S use the man to get everyone back, and then send the capsule back and then... we're done!

This episode just feels undercooked. And mixed. There are three capsules, and the creature wants the crew inside to go outside and disrupt the present. And it also turns babies into Changelings to destroy things and get rid of people... so, what's it's plan exactly? Get rid of people or get them to go out? If S&S hadn't turned up, then the creature and the Changeling would have been left inside to do... what? It's not going anywhere and can't run around without looking silly, so... huh?

Yeah, let's talk effects. Everyone remembers the swan of this episode. In the S&S mailing list, we had the chap that made that join up, so immediately everyone mentioned how great it was. Even he admitted it was more what he could do in the time he was given, which is largely the usual issue of most shows. But, for me, worse than that (which is bad) is the acting. Rothwyn and Eldred are just terrible. Neither can act, and Eldred is a complete streak of wiss. They are just not likeable and actively ruin any scene they are in.

Please, no. This one feels like a chore to get through whenever I watch it. Silver is the only new redeeming feature.


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