Saturday, 30 January 2016

Friday the 9th

This is the one most people remember. It's the one that opens with the young woman vulnerable in the cabin... who then leads Jason to getting taken down by the cops. And the medical guy eats Jason's heart.

This is also one of the more non-Jason movies, as Jason is able to suddenly jump from one body to another. And then again, this is really Jason in that it tries to give even more backstory. Jason has a house! And a sister! Who had her own family! And only a Voorhees family member can really kill Jason! And only through a Voorhees family member can he be reborn! Despite him never a) jumping bodies before, b) trying to be reborn, or c) ever having any evidence even of a family.

This also feels like a melange of different plot ideas. We start with the trope mockery of slasher movies, and we have Jason body jumping, and we have the Voorhees family members, and we have a mercenary trying to get Jason, and we have the town trying to stop one person or another and... it just feels a little too much and like they had the ideas but nothing too solid.

Still, at least we have Erin Gray and Steven Williams. And Kane Hodder gets the cushiest number ever. The effects aren't terrible... but very 90s.

And then we end with the biggest wanted teaser ever!


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