Thursday, 14 January 2016

Cooking One's Life

This is a documentary, where we follow a zen priest cook and find out some of his views on cooking and zen living.

We spend a lot of time with him in cooking classes, teaching a group. (We don’t get taught how to cook, just general baking stuff is going on.) We also get him being very cheerful about everything, and occasionally meditating. Later on, we get some diatribe or another about organic vs inorganic food, and how meat is in everything anyway so don’t get too hung up on it…

I kind of lost track towards the end of the movie. The basic premise sounded interesting, but the execution was just blah. I can remember them kneading dough… but that’s about it. And him laughing a little too much at everything.

He seems to be having a nice life, so that’s good, but it’s not rubbing off on me.


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